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8 Merits Earned in the MPA's Annual Print Competition!!!

This year I decided to join the MPA to try something different. And as a member thought it would be a good idea to enter their annual competition to see where I stand. I chose 9 of my favourite images from the past year. 8 of them made it to the second stage which involved submitting a printed version for a panel of 5 judges to assess and score. Anything scoring over 80 (out of 100) earned a merit and is considered for the top awards which will be announced at their awards ceremony on October 18th. I've just been informed that all 8 that made it to this second stage of judging have scored over 80, earning merits and are now in the running for the top awards. Everything is now crossed in hopes I earn another award this year. Something to look forward to heading into winter. I am so excited. The following images are the 8 that made it through.

Another Gold for a Family Portrait and this Time with a Judges Choice Award too

I never know how my portraits will be received.  And it can be a little heartbreaking when one I've come to love receives little to no attention. As such I had my reservations with this one. I loved it but I had also invested so much in it that maybe I was too attached to be able to judge it for myself. Would others feel the same as me or see this as just another family portrait? Having been given not just a Gold for this image but also the Judges Choice I am thrilled that others see something in it too.  It certainly confirms that I am onto a winner here. I look forward to creating more such portraits in the future.  I think I've finally cracked it where family portraits are concerned. This has always been an area of weakness (and worry) for me. Perhaps not anymore.  Of course it does help a lot to have such a co-operative and happy family. I couldn't have done it without them.