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We Hope You Have a Great Christmas & New Year!

Well the year is finally coming to a close. It has been a great year for the business and we are really looking forward to the new year and all that we have planned. I can't wait to reveal some of our plans but as I don't want to jinx anything I am going to wait until everything is well and truly on its way. Not a lot has happened over the past month as I have spent most of it just filling orders in time for Christmas. Its a great worry of mind that I might miss something vital before Christmas. I would hate to disapppoint anyone. As far as I am aware at this moment in time I haven't let any one down. Well here is our annual Christmas photo in front of the tree. Its a photo of my two step children and my daughter. As you can imagine, they are so fed up of having their photo taken. I try now to limit it to a couple of times a year but even then they need to be bribed. Anyway, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we very much look forward to seeing you in the new ye

And One More Gold for the Year!

I've been given another gold in the SWPP Monthly competition. So that gives me a total of 4 images that will go forward into the annual competition in January at the SWPP Convention in London. The competition is fierce so I'm not holding my breath as typically it takes a truly spectacular image to win one of the annual categories. But I am already getting geared up for new images I can create in hopes of winning an annual award next year. I can only imagine the feeling of winning one of these, which must be fantastic. Last year I saw one of my images appear in the shortlist for Traditional Portraiture and knowing that I was in the top 4 was enough to leave me elated for the remainder of the evening and probably most of the following week. The high I would be on after actually winning one of these awards would surely last well into spring if I ever do someday receive this honour. I have great plans for next year so one can only hope. Here are the other 3 gold winners for thi