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Kerrie's Portraits

I love it when I get the chance to photograph adults.  Although it can be harder to get a natural smile out of them its much easier directing them.  They tend to behave without the need of a bribe which is always a good thing.  Kerrie came to me after having been to another photographer who had done work she wasn't thrilled with.  Having taken a look at those images I could see why.  The other photographer didn't understand lighting and instead used gimicky coloured gels in an attempt to make them look more like fashion photos but in the end did nothing to flatter Kerrie, leaving her disappointed with the results.  It is my job as a portrait photographer to use light and posing to create images that do flatter my subjects so they can walk away with something they are proud of and will cherish for their lifetime.  I was really pleased with Kerrie's portraits and thrilled to be able to blog about them and put them on my website.  I love sharing my work with others

Baby Finley

And here we have another newborn.  It has become very clear to me that I have a favourite subject and it is definitely newborns.  They are so beautiful, and so peaceful its just a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  And to me it is the most important stage in a child's life to capture professionally because they are only newborns for such a short time.  They change so quickly at this stage.  In fact, every session I have parents come back to their viewing commenting on how much they've changed just in the week or so since their session.  And judging by the many Facebook images I see of new babies they are also a lot more difficult to capture well.  I don't mean any offence by this.  Its just that a perfect baby deserves perfect exposures and focusing which is often missing in the images I see on Facebook.  How much is it worth to have a clear picture of exactly what baby looked like in those early days? I also love getting to know the families.  These sess