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My New Favourite Frame

In searching for a dark wood moulding for a client a while back I came across one I loved but have waited until I had the perfect image for it before I used it.  And finally I found one.  Amazingly, although somewhat intentionally, its of my daughter.  I have been trying for years (since I began really) to produce an image of her I loved which could be used as a sample in my studio.  I am so pleased with the image and seeing the finished product presented this way has been wonderful.  I regularly stop and stare at it hanging on my wall.  Its everything I wanted it to be and is going to be a cherished item for me for the rest of my life.  She has been taking dance lessons since she was 2 (she is now 8) and its something she loves more than anything.  My framer, Jo from The Frame Game , did a fantastic job as she always does.  Her attention to detail is superb.  And the mix of fine art print and thick conservation grade double mount all set behind high quality low reflection glass sur

I was a Guest Speaker at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College

And I loved it. I had a great time on Monday speaking in front of roughly 30 students from the college's photography department. It all came about when I visited the campus on Burbage Carnival business and while there I was invited to have a tour of the facility by their art director. In doing so was introduced to their photography department. I was in heaven. The facilities are superb (apart from their window blinds that need a little coaxing from time to time). I was shown their darkroom where the smell of the chemicals brought memories of the days of film flooding back. I was shown their studio, where most of their kit was similar to mine, apart from a ring flash I would most certainly like to try one day. If they had a Fresnel Spot I really would have been jealous as that has recently moved to the top of the wish list. I wanted to put my bag down, tell my husband to go home and pick me up later. I just wanted to get stuck in and start work with the students right then

Little Ballerina's

I just love a little girl in a tutu.  This style and subject appeals to me so much that I am now creating a display for the local dance school The Vicky Anne Academy of Dance and Drama  in the hopes that it inspires some of the mums who take their little girls for classes.  For a session such as this you are welcome to bring your own outfits or we are happy to provide you with a tutu of ours you can use for the session.  I have a daughter myself who's been taking ballet classes since she was 2.  I really wanted to capture this aspect of her life for a keepsake I will cherish forever as dance is such an important and large part of her life.  So I set out to create something special, something more than just a typical school like photo.   If you want to see the portraits I created of my daughter please click here . I just love the the images I was able to create here.  They match the image I had in my head perfectly.  The girls were wonderful and highly coope