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Baby Freddie

Here are some images from another one of my new baby sessions.  I've been so looking forward to posting these too since I bought a new prop especially for this session but unfortunately have had to wait because this was done as a surprise for Freddie's daddy's 30th birthday.  I am so loving taking photos of really young babies.  Overall it is proving to be the easiest, although most time consuming, of all my sessions.  By easiest I should probably say the least stressful because we really take it easy during the session.  There is never a rush and for the really young ones there's no point trying to make them smile.  Basically, they do what they want when they want and we just take what we're given, which works just fine with me seeing as they are basically perfect little angels at this age anyway.  The first image (Made in Britain) is one of my favourites.  I couldn't resist this prop when I saw it as the colours, vibrancy and the currentness of th

Baby Ashley, While Still in Mummy's Tummy

I completely forgot that I haven't yet posted my photos of Ashley's mum.  He was born so soon after this session and in the end the viewing for these photos didn't happen until after Ashley's newborn session.  As I don't like to post any images until after the viewing these had to wait.    But I was so keen to post Ashley's photos as they were different to anything I had done before that I posted them first.  So things are a little out of order here. As you can see I've once again been able to utilise my growing collection of organza to great effect. In fact I think its time I grew the collection to include a few more colours, especially seeing as I've got another bump session in a couple of weeks.  I can feel a trip to the shops coming up.  Won't my husband be happy to hear that.  It would seem that the product ordered here is becoming rather popular. I sell at least one of these at almost every session. Its a good way of displ

Baby Isobel

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing little Isobel.  She was an angel and a joy to photograph.  So much so I was left wishing I could have another baby.  This is the downside of doing what I do.  It makes me long for the days when my little girl was this little.  I adored having a baby.  And I so wish I had the equipment, skill and props I now have when I had my baby so I could have the sort of portraits I've been taking lately.  Don't get me wrong, I did take loads of photos.  I think I took 10,000 images by the time she was 1.  And I love my photos.  But they aren't the sort of images that I would want to see hanging on a wall in elegant frames.   Nor would they have enlarged well having taken them on a little compact camera. And for some reason it didn't occur to me to go to a professional when she was so little. I regret it now though.  I would love nothing more than to have a really beautiful image of my daughter as a baby.  Something t