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Two Very Beautiful Children

These two gorgeous children have proven to be one of my favourite portrait sessions in that they have truly beautiful faces.  Their eyes and smiles are just wonderful.  Unfortunately what made them slightly less than perfect was the little girl's aversion to sitting still.  But I really can't complain because in the short time I had her attention I managed to get 4 images I absolutely love.  I love them so much I've decided its time to switch some of my samples in the studio.  The hard part now for me is deciding which ones to choose.  And the frame my client choose for one of her images has got me thinking I want that as a sample in the studio too.    I just love the portrait above.  I wish I could have taken one like this of my daughter who often had a look similar to this.  I have snaps of my daughter doing just this, once during her first dance show and another time on her first day of playgroup, but no proper portraits.      Of course I unde

Speaking in Malta at the MIPP Convention

I can now officially say that I am an international speaker and judge, having not long returned from a wonderful photographic conference in the warm and sunny island of Malta.  Early this year I was invited to speak at this convention as one of only 2 speakers attending from the UK.  What an honour it has been.  And what a pleasure as well.  I'm not sure I've ever visited a place full of such friendly and welcoming people. I am generally one to talk to strangers anyway but never has it felt this natural and easy as it did in Malta. I felt very at home here, particularly since I see this country as being so similar to Italy, where my father and his side of the family are from. So the food and the way of life was such a welcome change to England. And the sunny weather and 25 degree temperatures didn't hurt either.    I was disappointed however, that in the end my husband couldn't be there. He was meant to come with me for a break (and a football match w