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Amanda and Carl's Bump

I am just loving doing bumps and babies.  It is so rewarding.  Between having wonderful subjects and such happy and friendly clients I really couldn't ask for more out of my job.  The only down side is the slight envy I feel wishing I could have another baby myself.  Then I see my 7 year old again and I'm reminded of why I am done having babies.  Babies are great, but then they grow up.  It always amazes me how comfortable clients are during these shoots.  Very thankful too actually as the more comfortable they are the more I am, which is rather important during one of these sessions.  I'm looking forward to baby arriving now as they have plans to come back for some newborn photos as well.  This will give me a chance to use some of my new props from a recent trip to an antiques fair.  I can't wait.

Another Client Returns

I first met this family nearly 4 years ago.  I photographed their boys after having met them at playgroup.  We've been friends ever since.  In fact it amazes me how many of my friends I first met as clients.  Its a good feeling knowing that these people who come into my life through my portrait business have remained in my life as friends.  I wouldn't have expected that when I started out but I am glad its worked out that way.  I've met some wonderful people.  Including this family, with their angelic looking children.  And I say 'angelic looking' childen for a reason.  Their parents would be the first to admitt that they are not always angels.  They have the most amusing stories to tell which I am sure will go down well at an 18th birthday or other special occasion in future.  Anyway, as usual, these boys photograph well.  Their smiles and their eyes are absolutely gorgeous.  I could photograph them all day, not that they would let me.  T