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Vicky-Anne Academy of Dance & Drama

This week I had the pleasure of photographing the staff at the Vicky-Anne Academy of Dance and Drama. The Vicky-Anne Academy is based in Burbage (above the co-op) and runs classes for children aged two and a half right up to adulthood. In fact, I too attend a class there and have done for the past 3 years. If you wish to contact the Academy here is a link to their website where you can read about all the classes, times, events and contact details. This is a group I work with quite regularly, doing such things as class photos, show photos and costume photos. I love taking the show photos as it gives me a chance to do something completely different to my usual. There is no posing of any kind and no setting up of lights and as such no need to worry about whether or not I have the light spot on. I just get to float around shooting what I can, trying to capture a special moment. These photos were taken for Vicky-Anne's website. She'd asked for a

The Beast

'The Beast', a brand new, very out of the ordinary cross country race which should be here for years to come. Now although it is the last thing I would ever sign up to take part in myself, having been up close and personal taking the photos I can see why so many would find this a great race. If getting dirty and wet while having a real work out is your thing then you would love the Beast. For more details on this race and to keep posted of future similar events check out . The Beast is just the first of many to come. When I was asked to photograph this race jumped at the chance to photograph something different from the usual and to get out of the studio for change. This opportunity presented me with the challenge of capturing a great moment while making the most of the backdrop available to me, which at this location was beautiful. I woke up that morning at first thinking, great its not sunny so we will ha