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Another Union Jack Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I had the perfect client, although I didn't know it until they arrived for their second sitting.  The first sitting didn't quite go to plan, for various reasons, resulting in two children who pretty much had enough.  Unfortunately though, the perfect shots I had planned went out the window when we lost their attention after about 5 minutes.  We perservered, hoping to get a few we could work with until we finally thought there was no point.  So I rescheduled for 2 days later.  I wasn't going to give up.  It wasn't there fault they got bored.  We just needed to tackle the session better the second time ensuring we were all fully prepared.  But I still had a look through what we got because I remembered seeing one image that might be worth something.  I prepared it to show the family when they came back for their second sitting.  It turns out that this image is all I needed.  They got what they wanted without the second sitting afterall.  They ord

2 More Golds and a Nomination

Well it looks like I am having a pretty good week.  Not only did I find out that I received another 2 golds for images submitted in the monthly competition but I was also informed that I have been shortlisted for Baby Portrait Photographer of the Year with the image below.  I have to wait until January though to find out if I've won.  Still it feels pretty good to know I've made it to the top 3 in my category.  Fingers crossed I come home with a trophy.  It has been my dream since I began nearly 5 years ago. This is my third time in this position so here's hoping for third time lucky. And the following 2 images are my other golds.