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7 Day Old Baby Portraits - Just Perfect

I just love spending time with such young babies. They are so lovely and tiny and so much easier to work with when creating baby portraits of very young babies. Until they are old enough to hold their head, make eye contact and intentionally smile it is easiest and most attractive to photograph them as very young newborns. This is the stage when we can photograph them looking peaceful and sweet while they sleep. And they do so much of this at this age that it only makes sense we capture it in a beautiful portrait to be treasured for a lifetime. In order to do this it does take some planning on the parents part. The parents of this little girl came in for a consultation a few months ago so they could see what is on offer and I was able to tell them that they need to ring me as soon as baby is born so we can fit them in while baby is less than 2 weeks old. We can do older than this but its harder work and sometimes baby just won't stay asleep long enough to get all that we

School Portraits - Is it Time for a Change? Opinions Wanted

9 years ago I helped change the look of the school portrait throughout the UK. I left the blue mottled background behind and introduced a contemporary white replacement which at the time was a welcomed change. Since then I've seen most other school photographers follow suit. I know the blue background lasted decades. I for one had that same background in my own school photos right from 1975 when I started school (maybe I shouldn't be sharing that). I don't feel that society accepts or expects a lack of change anymore. We all want everything to move with the times and the times move much faster these days. So is 9 years enough for school photos to remain the same. Do we want to see an updated look? So I created a few new portraits for a style I'd like to introduce this coming September and I'd love to hear what you think. Would you want to buy your child's school portrait if it looked like these? If not, what don't you like? What would you prefer to