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Another Portfolio Shoot

I love doing shoots like this.  This little boy was a joy to photograph, so much character and seemed so comfortable standing before the camera. And it makes it easier having a subject who can take instruction, unlike the babies I've been photographing lately, although I enjoyed them too but for different reasons. I'll be posting some of them soon but want to wait until they're parents have seen them first. Anyway, this little boy is trying out for a part in a film so fingers crossed that he gets the part. He certainly has a good look as far as I am concerned.  As they say, the camera loved him. 

I'm Back and its About Time

First, I can't believe where the summer has gone.  It just seemed to disappear in a blink of an eye.  I hadn't intended on taking this much of a break from my blog, but I knew I couldn't keep up with regular postings with my daughter off school for 6 and a half weeks.  Still I hadn't realised it has been this long.  Sorry about that.  It shan't happen again (until at least next summer, I hope).  Anyway, I've had a great summer so far which even included a trip to Turkey where the weather was fantastic (so much better than here).  I now see why the British holiday abroad each year.  You need it so you can get through a British summer.  As you can see, I can't get away from photography, no matter where I go.  In fact I even brought two cameras with me (but managed to leave the large lense at home).  I feel very uneasy without a camera, like I could be missing out on a great Kodak moment. And I really enjoy collecting portraits of the kids so we can lo