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SWPP Convention

This is always an exciting time of year for me. It is the time that myself and my husband make our way down to London for the SWPP's annual convention. The SWPP is the Society of Portrait and Wedding Photographers, a group I joined when I first started out as a professional photographer. I always knew that this society would provide me with great benefit professionally but I never realised how much I could benefit personally. We had, yet again, a fantastic weekend. It was our third year attending the convention in London and with each year we attend we meet more and more people. It is now no longer just a work function but becoming just as much a social function. As such it will be an event we look forward to every year. Of course it wasn't all about socialising. We did manage to squeeze in a little learning. I attended some brilliant seminars from top photographers whom I've been admiring over the years. I have pages of notes to work through, loads of ideas and a gre