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Yay, another Gold Award, this time in the Pet Category

This month in the Societies monthly online image competition I was among a select few to receive a Gold which means this image has been judged to be of a very high standard. This is something I work towards in all my shoots. I love creating work like this, work I can be very proud of and happy to share. Now I will wait to see how this does in the annual competition as all Golds are rejudged in December and the very best is selected as the Photographer of the Year for each category. The shortlist is announced straight away with the winners announced at the awards ceremony in mid January. So now I've got something to look forward to. I honestly wait on the edge of my seat on the Monday following the judging as I await a possible email telling me if I've made it to the finals. Its exciting but stomach turning at the same time. My fingers are crossed.

Introducing Our New Print and Digital Packages Along with a Special Offer Too!

After some considerable thought and research I have finally come up with a way for me to be happy offering unframed prints and digital files and in doing so decided to revise my entire price list. I now have gorgeous print boxes and USB drives as packages on offer and can't wait to start selling them. Our print packages start at just £295 . All our prints are professionally printed on fine art paper which give a classic look and feel that make my style of portraits really look stunning. They are mounted using only conservation grade materials to unsure that they last a lifetime with no discolouring to the mount boards over time. Above is an example of our luxury archival boxes which we use for all print packages that contain 10 or more prints. These acid free boxes are designed to safely store photographic prints. With these new changes taking place I thought this would be as good a time as any to run a very limited offer which I will carry over until Christmas this year.

A Chihuahua with a Smile, More Puppy Portraits

I can't begin to tell you how much I have been loving creating unique pet portraits with the dogs I've had in the studio lately. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Its got everything I want in a portrait session. I get to be creative, use my favourite props, and spend time with adorable animals, this time with one of the smallest dogs I've ever seen. She is just so sweet. The shot above came about when my client suggested getting the puppy to peer over the side of a box which I thought was a fantastic idea and it worked exactly as we had hoped. Because she was so small my usual newborn props worked brilliantly with her and suited just how baby like she is. I just love how this sweet little puppy always looks like she is smiling, unlike so many animals that look either perpetually sad or miserable. She looks like a happy and inquisitive little darling you just can't help but smile back at. These scales are fairly accurate and its r