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My Work Experience Week by Megan McClintock

My name is Megan McClintock, I am a student at JCC and for my work experience week I decided I wanted to do something photography related, as it is a career I have considered for the future, so I went to Christina Lauder Portraits. During my week with Christina, I learnt new various photography skills such as how to work with lighting to make a photo look more soft and flattering or more hard and dramatic. Also I learnt how Christina likes to edit her photos in ‘Lightroom’ and ‘Photoshop’ before developing them. Over a few days, I did a school project which was needed for homework. This was to produce a picture similar to David Hockney’s. For this, I had Jade standing against a background Christina had and I zoomed right in and took a photo of each block with a slight overlap, then we put them into photoshop and made the collage then added a few frame effects at the end so you could see the separate pictures. This took a long time as there was over 70 photos to put to

My work experience by Jade Toms.

Hello I’m jade and I did my work experience at Christina Lauder portraits, I learnt many new things, such as on Monday we got to use Photoshop to make collage in style of David Hockney which is where you get a scene that you wouldlike to photograph and you then take tiny sections and photograph them, then you go into photoshopandtry putthe picture together to make it look surreal and stand out this was  experience and enjoyed it very much. It was hard to get the hang of but it got easier as I got to no the software better. I also learnt how to use lightning when taking photos and how to use a camera better and understand what the dials meant. I also did a photo shoot and this helped me to understand the camera and positions of lights and which way to face the model. I also used light room, which then helped me to edit the photos and make them look more professional. This week was an experience and I loved it, I will take in all the advice Christina has gave me and hopefully this w