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Baby Daisy Annabelle

I just love it when I have returning clients.  And this one has been to me loads, for baby bumps, newborns, and toddlers.  Now she returns with her second baby and thankfully adhered to our recommendation of under 2 weeks, as by week 3 she was wide awake for much of the day.  Much of these portraits would not have been possible.  I have to admit that Daisy was harder than the others to get into this pose.  We had such a short window of opportunity here.  Her strong little arms wouldn't let us put her into this position properly so she kept falling out of it.  But we got other lovely poses anyway and 2 images in this position that I love.  Hands and feet are something else I love to photograph when I'm working with babies.  They are just so cute and tiny.  They make great filler for albums too.  I think capturing these details at such an eary stage is so important.  They change so quickly at this age.  Within weeks they often look like entirely different babies

Baby Amy

I am so lucky these days.  I keep getting bookings for my favourite subject, babies.  It is just so lovely to be working with beautiful babies, who are relatively easy.  They have no hang ups about their appearance.  They generally sit still througout the session.  And it doesn't often take much to get them to smile, or at least look content and thoughtful enough to make a beautiful portrait.  I even get to enjoy cuddles at the end of my sessions which has been wonderful.  My baby is 9 years old now so it feels like an eternity since I held my own baby.  Its hard to believe she was ever this small.  Possibly one of the best feelings in my line of work is being told that I've made their choice too difficult because there is too much to choose from.  And to hear that it is just what they had hoped for is fantastic.  It makes it even more worth while.    The following image was taken at the request of my clients.  I love it when clients come in with ideas of th

Baby Frankie

Well I suppose its about time I got back to blogging.  I used to love writing blogs and was always thrilled to post them so I could get some feedback.  But I drifted away from blogging and have found it difficult to return.  Since I've been rather busy lately I thought I'd take the opportunity to share over these next few weeks all that I've been up to.  I've had some great sessions with babies, families and even adults.  And even did some product work, cremation jewelry believe it or not.  And now, today, the school portraits season has begun.  So I will be very busy over these next few months but that should provide me with loads to share.  I thought I'd kick off the blogging with some work for a returning client with their latest addition to the family, Frankie.  They did as advised and came over for a session when Frankie was about 2 weeks old.  Ideally between 10-14 days is great.  In fact they came again a week later for some additional family por